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RV Financing

Financing with Bell Camper Sales

Bell Camper Sales makes it easy to obtain financing for your new or used RV purchase. Our goal is to help you purchase the camper of your dreams and make it affordable! Our business office is here to help you save time & money, and many of our customers are surprised at how easy financing a camper through Bell Camper Sales can be!

Help With Credit

We are partners with over 15 top lending institutions, providing competitive rates and the perfect financing option that suits your needs. Have less-than-perfect credit? No worries! We have a number of lenders that specialize in providing loans for individuals that may need special financing.

Affordable Payments

While the standard down payment is 10%, our lenders are often able to reduce that, and in some instances no down payment at all is required! Some of our partners will carry the note up to 20 years to keep the monthly payments to a minimum.

Why Bell For Financing?

  1. We do all the work, making it easy for you
  2. Nationwide competitive rates and terms
  3. Interest on an RV loan can be a tax deduction
  4. Ask us how
  5. Simple interest contracts
  6. Fixed APR
  7. Assist in re-establishing credit
  8. Nationwide credit rating
  9. Loans are quick, easy & affordable
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